Connect to the Internet

A. Using Network Manager

First, connect to the Rover through SSH

Then, open the network manager text user interface (you need root privileges to modify network connections):

sudo nmtui

Select Activate a connection and choose your network from list below.

Type in the password when prompted. Click Esc to quit.

B. Using husarion hConfig

Press and hold hCfg button on CORE2 board until LR1 and LR2 LEDs start flashing yellow and blue.

Using your computer

Open your web browser and type in the address bar:

Click Connect to Wi-Fi network.Choose your network, type the password and click Continue.

Click on Save settings. The Rover should then automatically connect to your network.

Using your phone

If you have an Android or IOS device, you can use hConfig app.

The app will guide you through all the necessary steps.