Connect to the console (SSH)


Before you can connect to Rover's console, you need to connect to WiFi network.

on Windows via Putty

Download and install Putty - it will allow you to establish SSH connection with the Rover and open command console.

Open Putty, type '' as IP address and press open.

The first time you try to connect, you may see the security warning shown below. You can safely ignore it and click the Yes button.

When asked for credentials, type: login: husarion password: husarion

You'll see something like this. You're in!

on Windows 10 via OpenSSH

Open run command line (⊞ Win + X and click Run or ⊞ Win + R)



and then type in the command window:

ssh husarion@

password: husarion

on Linux or Mac

Access command console and enter:

ssh husarion@

password: husarion