Modify motor torque and speed settings

Here you'll learn how to easily change motor settings with no need to set up any programming environment.

Beginning with firmware version 1.0.0 there's a much easier way to modify basic settings of the Rover with no need of building the firmware files. The firmware relies on a parameter file that is addressed by Core2-ROS during the operation.


Make sure you're running newest firmware and software



Type in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install --upgrade ros-melodic-leo-bringup

And wait until the install completes.

Access launch file

Type in the terminal:

nano /etc/ros/robot.launch

You'll access robot.launch file that drives the firmware settings.

Example: Change torque_limit to 800

Add new line in robot.launch file (before </launch>):

<param name="core2/motors/torque_limit" value="800.0"/>

This command will set new value to the motors torque limit. It will be 800 now.

Type Ctrl+O and Enter to save the modified configuration and Ctrl+X to exit the editor.

Restart the Rover for the modifications to work.

Other parameters

See the parameters section of Leo Firmware readme for a list of different modifications possible.

Alter the launch file line you add to meet the parameter and value of your choice.

<param name="[name-from-the-list]" value="[value-of-the-parameter]"/>

Have fun playing with the parameters! And remember to share your experiments in the forum.