Connect via remote desktop

As the Rover runs on Ubuntu with GUI you are able to access the internal desktop using VNC server and client from your PC/Mac. You can use that to make it easier to work on files, run ROS GUI apps and even run Minetest (free Minecraft).

Set a VNC server on the Rover

1. Connect to the Internet

2. Connect to the console

3. Install and run VNC server

We'll use Tight VNC Server. Type in the console:

sudo apt install tightvncserver

And after installation is complete. Type to run the server:


You'll need to set a password for the connection. Use anything between 6-8 characters.

You will require a password to access your desktops.


Access the desktop from your device

There are several ways to do that, but we'll describe the most universal one here - with VNC Viewer.

Install VNC Viewer on your device (Windows/ macOS/ Linux/etc.)

Add New Connection

By default the Rover will have the server set on port :5901

Type in the VNC Server setting:
Screenshot from macOS

And press OK.

Connect to the server

Open the newly added connection and enter the password you set previously in the Rover terminal. Press OK.

Screenshot from macOS

Welcome inside

Here's what you will see when connected.

Remember to change the desktop to something more suitable for Leo fanbase. Like this one.

Have fun!