Wheel assembly

Parts & tools

Prepare aluminum tubes (part no. 00008)

If you received the aluminum tubes with plastic motor mounts already attached - continue to the next point.

If you 3d-printed plastic parts on your own, you'll need to glue the plastic motor mounts to the tubes using an epoxy glue

Do not use cyanoacrylate glues - the 5 minute ones etc., because they tend not to stick to the plastic.

Ball bearings and sealing

Your kit may include 2x metal-covered bearings (no rubber-sealed bearing - black) - don't worry then, we're just experimenting with different types of bearings and all of them are just fine.

The same with rubber sealings - they may be different colour, don't worry as well.

Wheel mount

Tire & beadlock

Wheel cap preparation

Wheel cable

Motor to wheel

Torque plate