7. Battery quarter (left) assembly

Battey quarter assembly guide

1. Button and power socket

1. At first mount button and 3pin socket. Remember about orings.

2. Plastic cover and frame

2. Next step is to assemble 3D part with metal part.
3. Mount square nuts into 3D printed part.

3. Box assembly

4. Assemble with torx bolts but don't tighten them.
5. Take bottom of battery box and M4x16 bolts.
6. Assemble everything together - center button with hole in the metal part.
7. Tighten torx bolts.

4. Soldering

8. Solder everything according to the scheme. Both black cables (from battery and socket) should be soldered together to the (-) pin in the button.

5. Battery

9. Put distance sponge at the bottom of battery box.
10. Insert battery.
11. Close the cover with plastic screws.

‚Äč12. And that's it!And that's it!